пятница, 24 июня 2011 г.

Ryan Nassbridges

Ryan Nassbridges is a long time EXECUTIVE Officer in profession, major in Sales and Marketing. In 1990 he became the CEO of the third largest Mercedes Benz (a fortune 15 Corporation) Top Service facility Agency of Daimler-Benz HQ in Stuttgart, Germany. As a direct result of his guidance and management skills, he was awarded as the “CEO” of the year.

Couch Oil And Gas

Over the past quarter century the environmental movement has been fast approaching, carrying with it ideals aimed at protecting nature and properly caring for the earth on which we live. At its core, this has been a noble pursuit, and while radical fanaticism has befallen some of its members, the movement as a whole has ushered in widespread positive change to the nation and the globe.

However a multitude of misconceptions have been spread and mistakenly accepted regarding the conflict of interests between oil and gas production and “green” initiatives. Contrary to popular belief, production of these resources is no inherent environmental evil, as long as proper precautions are taken.

At Couch Oil and Gas, some of the most brilliant minds in the entire world work to efficiently produce these crucial commodities while remaining highly conscious of their surroundings.
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